As a Licensed Cosmetologist I am required to follow saftey standards as follows...

Pressed powder products are sanitized by spraying down with 70% isopropyl alcohol or Beauty So Clean Sanitizing Spray. All pressed powder products are removed with a disposable cotton pad and then work off the cotton pad.

Loose powder is tapped onto a palette or tissue for no contact application.

Eco friendly single use applicators such as mascara wands, sponges and lip applicators are used whenever applicable and immediately disposed of.

Hair combs, brushes, or anything that comes in contact with the clients hair are sanitized (soap and water or Ship Shape) and disinfected (Barbicide or Rejuvenate) before and after use.

Rejuvenate spray or 70% isopropyl alcohol is used for workspace surfaces or anything else that is possibly touched by clients (makeup chairs, mirror, etc.)

I bring all my own tables and chairs that have been throughly disinfected.

As a hair and makeup artist, cleanliness and sanitation have always been of utmost importance and many of these practices I had already been implementing my entire career. Following the guidelines of state board and upholding a high standard of hygiene has always been part of my job. I want you to know my sanitation process so that you feel and anyone receiving services feels comfortable.

Hands are washed thoroughly with soap and water and hand sanitizer is used.

I use a EPA registered/hospital grade disinfectants.

Appropriate PPE is worn based on the most recent regulations, such as masks, face shields, goggles or glasses and gloves.

Each client’s makeup services includes the use of clean sanitized brushes used only on them that day. These brushes are thoroughly cleaned (brush soap and water), sanitized (brush cleaner or 70% isopropyl alcohol), then placed in a UV sanitizer and stored in an airtight container before use.

Palettes are used to ensure there is absolutely no contact between our cream products and the client’s skin or brushes. These palettes are able to be cleaned (soap and water), and disinfected (70% isopropyl alcohol) before/after use.